Online activities

I have some ideas for spending a nice time at home.

ESC volunteers from Stowarzyszenie Polites organize online seminars. The next one is taking place next Monday (27th April) and the topic is “LGBT history in Greece). Follow them on Facebook to get more information-

If you want to help with combating loneliness, take part in the ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign organised by Company CHD. You can find a grandma or a grandpa from British nursing homes and: have phone calls/video calls with your new friend, send cheerful pictures/stories/poems (post or email) for them to enjoy, share stories from different generations, send letters/postcards to your new friend, much like a penpal! More information-

Today on you can take part in the event called “The World After Corona on Globalisation, Risk and the Future” by Ian Goldin. Registration-

If you are an office volunteer and you miss your office, try the office noise generator! Choose the number of your colleagues and have office sounds at your home!

Let me know about any events, training, seminars happening online so I can share them on Turbina’s website for other volunteers.


digital kabutze – the open sewing space online
The kabutze is an open sewing space for everyone who wants to learn sewing, to implement their own sewing project or who wants to deal with the obsticles of the textile industry. The kabutze lives from the volunteer work of enthusiastic hobby sewers and since 2019 two volunteers from Turbina Pomerania have been part of the team.
Leave No One Behind

During the corona crisis, we should not close our eyes to what is happening in the world. In the camps on the Greek islands, more than 40,000 people still have to endure under inhuman conditions. The German government must act now, it must evacuate them now!

Volunteering in times of COVID-19

The crisis that the COVID-19 virus triggered in many countries around the world affects us and you as a participant in the federal and european voluntary service. Many Hosting Organisations are closed, events such as our planned international partner workshop and our final conference have been canceled until further notice.Some of you have traveled to their home countries, others have voluntarily entered home quarantine and still others are looking for new tasks that arise in this extraordinary time.

VeRa, Verquer Radio

VeRa is a radio run by the organization Verquer. You can listen to us on Thursdays at 9 am on all the even calendar weeks (Greifswald and nearby- 98,1 MHz, Neubrandenburg, and nearby- 88,0 MHz). On the thirst and the third Wednesday of the month, you can listen to VeRa in Rostock and nearby (90,2 MHz). If you have any ideas for topics, music or you want to visit the radio, send us an email- info [at] bildung-verquer [dot] de
Volunteers are also involved in the radio. The last show’s topic was „shrinking spaces” – restricting activists by implementing new laws and using oppression. Rina, our volunteer at Kabutze explained the situation in Ukraine. Natalia, our volunteer at Turbina Pomerania explained the situation in Poland.

You can listen to the radio podcasts on

Solidarity with Klex

On Saturday, February 1, we met at Marktplatz in Greifswald to protest against multiple attacks on the youth center Klex. It’s a cultural place where tolerance and democracy are always present. Right-wing extremists threatened members of the club.  The perpetrators wanted to put Klex on fire, consciously accepting that there might have been people in the rooms at the time of the fire. Turbina Pomerania gives Klex their support and solidarity. Violence cannot be tolerated.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

Thanks to volunteering, you can make friends with people from all around the world. Some friendships last forever, some don’t, but even those short ones give you valuable lessons about life, people, and your own self.

Ramia is a volunteer from Algeria, Natalia is a volunteer from Poland. They moved to Germany 4 months ago for their EVS projects. They share a flat together but also many interests and values.

Human Rights and Climate Change

Will climate change lead us to humans rights abusement? Are rights to life, food, water and nationality threatened? What difficulties women, children and indigenous people will face during climate crisis? Last weekend, those were the most important topics for the Turbina’s team. We discussed climate change social aspects and shared ideas about organizing our own workshops, for example, during our conference in April.


One day in Szczecin- Pomorze Pomoże?

On seminars in Ramin, volunteers made friends with one another. They became fond of Szczecin- a city on the other side of the border. We had decided to visit our Polish neighbors, so we went on a one day trip to Szczecin. At Sztowarzyszenie Polites’ office, Szymon prepared for us a workshop ‚How much do you know about the world’. He was proving to us that the situation in the world is becoming better- people live longer, fewer children die, more and more girls attend school, many children are vaccinated.
Natalia prepared a presentation about Poland. She told us about inspiring Poles like Marie- Curie Skłodowska, Frederic Chopin, Nikolaus Kopernicus. She explained the 20th-century history of her country and the current political situation.

On arrival seminar in Hannover

Hello! I’m Natalia- EVS volunteer at Turbina Pomerania. Last week I went to Hannover together with Ramia from GRIStuF and Rutkay from Demokratiebahnhof station for an on-arrival seminar in Hannover. We met there with other EVS and ESC volunteers working in Germany. It was a great experience because we learned about many exciting organizations young people work with, we talked about things that surprise us in Germany, what are the methods of solving problems and what our rights are as volunteers. We also joined a climate change workshop which was focusing on our diet and ways of transportation.

BFD Seminar October 2019

From 21 to 25 October, the seminar was held for all under 27-year-old federal volunteers of Turbina Pomerania.

The aim of the seminar was to reflect how the first months of the volunteer service went, which tasks were taken over, what role we actually play as volunteers in our organisation and what challenges already arised.

What did volunteers do in Ramin?

I started my voluntary service by participating in a seminar that was taking place in Ramin,  a charming cross-border village.

For five days I and other EVS volunteers
but also local and BFD volunteers were taking part in workshops
prepared by Ania from Stowarzyszenie Polites, Claudia from Turbina Pomerania
and Hanna from The Third Sector.
Participants talked about human rights and discrimination;
We learned about the opportunities for development in the Western Pomerania region
and discussed our learning goals
for the next voluntary year.

Furthermore, we joined classes about
The European Voluntary Service and The Federal Voluntary Service.
Now we’re back in our towns with a big motivation for being active.


Natalia, EVS volunteer from Turbina Pomerania

Human Rights and Climate Change Workshop

Dear Volunteers,

we would love to invite you to our workshop:

Human Rights and Climate Change

15.11.2019 5pm till 17.11.2019 2pm
International Workshop about climate aspects in human rights education – Climate change is a great threat to the implementation of human rights.
It represents a serious risk to the rights to life, health, food and an adequate standard of living of people around the world – most vulnerable people in the Global South
being existentially affected. Education aiming at social justice should include this global perspective and at the same time empower local
European youth to take action. In the workshop methods for non-formal education regarding the topic will be presented, discussed and developed.
The international workshop will be held in English (German translations are available), please register for the workshop (evs [at] straze [dot] de, +4938347737882).