Make cross-border activities and intercultural encounters possible?
Make a difference in the Euroregion of Pomerania and beyond?
Support civic engagement for human rights and against discrimination?
Promote ecological and sustainably living?
Practise more democracy and more participation, not just talk about it?

Those are the main goals we pursue at Turbina Pomerania!



We wish for better regional networking in Western Pomerania and across the Polish-German and other international borders. We live and work in a region from which many people leave and only a few move to. We want to make a small contribution to changing that. We are interested in human rights, culture, environmental education, global learning, peace, environmental protection and emancipation and want to bring together those who live and do so, too. We support the civil society in our region and take a global perspective.

We want to change the world and start with voluntary service.


We are building a network between hosting organisations in the fields of social, cultural and ecological work. We support and encourage young people to spend one year as a volunteer, support their projects and the local community as well as learn valuable things about themselves. We accompany them and our hosting organisations throughout the year and enable them to gain new experience.

Specifically, we work with the programs of the German Federal Voluntary Service “Bundesfreiwilligendienst” and the European Solidarity Corps (formerly European Voluntary Services) as well as – of course – with many committed work places and volunteers.


We are a project within the Kultur- und Initiativehaus Greifswald e.V.
As an association we are setting up a space for education and culture in Greifswald: the historic building Stralsunder Straße 10 (STRAZE). Other projects within the association are the educational projects QUBE and verquer., the coordination of the project Partnerschaft für Demokratie, as well as the coordination of the event series weltwechsel.

The Turbina Pomerania team are: Anja, Claudia, Hanna, Hanka, Laura, Natalia, Romy and Sarina.

And what is S.P.I.D.E.R.!?

In 2017 -2020 we realise a Strategic European Voluntary Service Project: ‘S.P.I.D.E.R. – Weaving the European Web’, which involves hosting and sending EVS activities and networking with international partners. The increase in populist, racist and inhuman statements, the decreasing awareness of and reference to human rights as well as the increase in human rights violations in Europe and especially in the region of Western Pomerania were some of the reasons for this project. We want to oppose the above mentioned tendencies by the mobility activities of the European Voluntary Service as well as additional accompanying seminars, meetings and workshops with the partners, as well as a conference at the end of the project.

The thematic focus of the project is the topic of human rights which will be targeted by different groups (European volunteers, employees of the hosting organisations, target groups with whom the volunteers are working during their EVS). Through the activities of the project, volunteers, employees of the hosting organisations and the different target groups will gain knowledge, develop intercultural competences and get to know possibilities to become involved in human rights activism on different levels. Furthermore, the complementary activities will lead to the establishment of a network and sustainable partnerships, which in different ways are dealing with human rights as a topic and are dedicated to the implementation of human rights.