The kabutze is an open sewing space for everyone who wants to learn sewing, to implement their own sewing project or who wants to deal with the obsticles of the textile industry. The kabutze lives from the volunteer work of enthusiastic hobby sewers and since 2019 two volunteers from Turbina Pomerania have been part of the team.

Rina and Lizzy have already set up some online formats together with the kabutze team, so that sewing together is possible even in times of COVID-19. So of course it should go on and on the weekend from 24th to 26th April you can make up your own mind.

This weekend you can take part in an online seminar and an online discussions. We have summarized the program for you below. For more information and detailed instructions on how to participate in the online formats have a look here.

April 24 Online presentation of the sewing collective SHVEMY

The SHVEMY sewing collective is an international activist art project based on horizontal structures. They are currently working in the field of performance and media activism with a focus on workers’ rights and the environmental impact of the clothing industry, burnout and health practices for activists.

April 25th Online discussion on “Dealing with Corona in different countries”

We want to exchange experiences, restrictions, changes in the political landscape, effects on mental health and new forms of protest in dealing with Corona in different countries. For this we have invited seamstresses from Ukraine and Russia and cordially invite you to share and share your experience with us.