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Being a volunteer with Turbina Pomerania

Information on the BFD & ESC programme

Congratulations! Spending one year as a volunteer is always a good idea.

We are happy to advise you on a voluntary service in the region of "Vorpommern" (Western Pomerania) in North-East Germany. Our office is located in Greifswald, a small city at the Baltic Sea coast. We offer placements for volunteering in various great hosting organization in our city (Greifswald) and the surrounding region (Vorpommern).

Available positions are in the EU programme European Solidarity Corps (ESC) or the German federal volunteering programme "Bundesfreiwilligendienst". Detailed information on the two programs is available on the websites and

In general, you should have the desire to spend a year in a social, cultural or ecological project and to work in an international seminar group on various topics.

We have also collected and answered frequently asked questions on the FAQs page.


Requirements for participation in the ESC programme in Vorpommern (Germany)

  • You do not live in Germany (already)
  • You are a citizen in one of the participating countries (your nationality is not important)
  • You are between 18 and 30 years old when the project stars
  • You would like to support one of our hosting organizations for one year


Requirements for the BFD

  • You have (at least) finished school / basic education, and are 18 years old or older (there is no age limit for the BFD)
  • You have not done any other voluntary service (FÖJ, FSJ, ...) within the last 5 years
  • You would like to support one of our hosting organizations for one year
  • Please note: There is no limitations in terms of citizenship or nationality for the BFD programme. However, in case you do not live in Germany / have Germany citizenship, personal funds are needed to cover the stay. Please contact us for details or check out the information provided in English by the programme authorities.


General information about all kinds of volunteering in Germany

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