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Frequently Asked Questions

All volunteers start their placement with Turbina Pomerania in September. Within the first weeks you will attend an orientational seminar together with other volunteers in the region. You shouldn't miss it! A later start of the volunteering programme is therefore possible only in limited exceptional cases.


A voluntary service in one of Turbina Pomerania's hosting organisations lasts 12 months and begins in September.


The minimum age for the German Federal Voluntary Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) is 16 years. For the European Voluntary Service the minimum age is 18 years.


For participation in the European Solidarity Corps the maximum age is 30 years. For participation in the German Federal Voluntary Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) there is no age limitation.


In September, a joint kick-off seminar (6 days) for all volunteers takes place at Gutshaus Ramin. The intermediate seminar (5 days) takes place in January/February in Greifswald. For the final seminar (4 days) all volunteers travel together to Ramin again.

International volunteers also participate in two other seminars: the on-arrival seminar and the mid-term evaluation. In each case together with other international volunteers from all over Germany.

BFD volunteers under the age of 27 have another seminar in October (5 days) and a seminar week at the  "Bildungszentrum Barth" (5 days, mostly in March/April).

International volunteers in the European Solidarity Corps receive 5€/day pocket money and 8,60€/day for meals. The pocket money for BFD volunteers is determined by the hosting organisation and amounts to 180-450€/month.

All vacancies can be found on the page our hosting organisation. Applications can be sent directly to the hosting organisations.


The general rule for the application and organisation of your voluntary service is: the sooner, the better! Positions are filled on an ongoing basis as soon as a suitable candidate has applied.

Agreements for the Federal Volunteer Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) must be received by July at the latest in order to be able to start the voluntary service in September.

International volunteers who need a visa for entry should apply at least one year in advance, as there can be very long waiting times at the respective embassies.