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Meet our Hosting Organisations in Greifswald and the region of Vorpommern!

An open sewing or printing workshop, cultural and educational projects, kindergartens, solidarity agriculture, youth centres - and much more! Our amazing hosting organizations offer interesting tasks and learning opportunities for everybody.

For more information, contact details and availability of open volunteering positions, check out the portfolios below. Click on the pictures or names of the hosting organizations to learn more.

The abbreviations behind the descriptions indicate available positions in the two programmes Bundesfreiwilligendienst ("BFD") and the European Solidarity Corps ("ESC").

Please note: Currently there are no open positions available for volunteering in 2023/24

Once new positions become available, you will find this information here

How to Apply?

To apply, please send a motivational letter (approx. 1 page A4, no pictures, no videos) to application[ät]

The letter should be addressed to the hosting organization and answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to spend one year as a volunteer in this specific organization?
  • What do you hope / expect to learn?
  • What do you think you will contribute to the organization?
  • What is your previous experience in the working field of the organization and/or as a volunteer in your country
  • What are your hobbies and other topics of interest?

There is no deadline for applications. Instead, open positions will be assigned on an ongoing basis. Being fast is recommended :-)

Programme Details

General Conditions for all ESC positions in Vorpommern

The same general conditions apply to all volunteers in the European Solidarity Corps concerning working hours, funding and other aspects.

You will:

  • receive pocket money and money for food expenses each month (according to the applicable amount set by the German National Agency each year)
  • receive compensation for travel expenses in the form of a lump-sum (according to the distance between your home address and your hosting organisation)
  • receive free medical-, travel-, and third-party insurance
  • have the opportunity to study German during your voluntary year
  • live together with other (international) volunteers in a shared appartment close to your hosting organisation (each volunteer will have an own room with bathroom, kitchen and living room shared with the flatmates)
  • receive support with all essential things such as visa application (if applicable), registrational process in Germany, mobility in Germany, ...

Please see our FAQ page for questions such as "who is eligible to apply?" and "how much money will I receive?".

Greifswald? Vorpommern?

The city of Greifswald is located in the far North-East of Germany at the coast of the Baltic Sea and counts approx. 60.000 inhabitants. The closest metropolis is Szczezin in Poland, bigger cities in Germany are Berlin (3 hours) and Hamburg (4 hours) - all are easy to reach with local trains. With nearby ferry connections, Denmark and Sweden are also reachable destinations.

Greifswald is small - but has a lot to offer! Lots of (student) culture, beautiful nature, (maritime) sports activities and much more. Make sure, though, to pack your wind- and waterproof jacket ;-)

Greifswald is where you find our Turbina Pomerania office and where most of the hosting placements are located. Some are also located in the nearby region called "Vorpommern".

All hosting placements

These organisations are part of our network, but have no (more) available position in 2023. You can apply to be a volunteer again for September 2024.

Kunst und Natur e.V.

The culture house in Steinfurth is the perfect place for art and music in the middle of nature | BFD & ESC


An open sewing studio for everybody | location: Greifswald | practical sewing and upcycling activities & education about global (in)justice connected with fashion

Weltblick e.V.

Sale of fair products and educational work on fair trade in Greifswald | BFD & ESC

Kindergarten Wilde 9

A special natural kindergarten in Guest, about 7km from Greifswald | BFD & ESC

House of Ressources Greifswald

Empowerment, support and strengthening of migrant activities in Greifswald | ESK

Gutshaus Ramin

A former manor house in the border region with Poland with plenty of space for art and culture | BFD & ESC


[druckkammer] is a printing project in Greifswald | ESC


Educational project on global justice issues at STRAZE in Greifswad | BFD & ESC

STRAZE Culture

Exhibitions, theater, concerts, readings, parties, film screenings... in the STRAZE there is room for culture of all kinds | BFD & ESC