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Kindergarten Wilde 9

The Kindergarten Wilde 9 is located about 7 km outside Greifswald's center in beautiful intact nature. It can be easily reached on a bike path.

Every year we are looking for a young person who is enthusiastic about children, animals and nature, who wants to orientate professionally in the social sector and wants to gain first experiences - or who simply enjoys working in a special kindergarten. With the voluntary service we offer you the opportunity to actively participate in the day-to-day life of a kindergarten for one year and to learn a lot about yourself and your skills.

We are looking forward to your application!

At Wilde 9, about 40 children are accompanied by six teachers. The children are not divided into groups, but decide according to their needs and interests which theme rooms they would like to use wach day, what they would like to do or work with whom and for how long. Daily trips to the forest and meadows are an important part of kindergarten life. The children work with "real" tools, participate in the work done in the kindergarten by adults, such as taking care of the garden, preparing festivals, taking care of the animals, and cooking together. At the same time they can devote themselves to their own projects in the children's workshop, in the garden, in the material play room or in the role play room. Life here is always in a state of flux, and every day is different.

As a team, everyone works together on an equal footing. Everyone contributes to the kindergarten life with their competencies and professions. Everyone has their own pace and their own questions that arise in the course of our work together. As a volunteer, you are an equal part of the team. You will be accompanied by a mentor throughout the year. At the beginning, you will get a taste of all areas of the kindergarten, get to know the children and teachers, and familiarize yourself with the kindergarten's concept. You will find out how and where you would like to get involved, which skills you would like to develop, and what you particularly enjoy doing. At your own pace, you can later take on tasks independently.

What should you bring with you?

You should enjoy being outdoors and not be afraid of wind and rain. You should like to get involved with people and enjoy being with children. You should like to work with your hands and be able to get involved with natural elements such as sand, mud, fire and water, animals and plants and enjoy moving around.

What will you gain from your time with us?

You will come to terms with your own biography, you will develop handicraft and artistic skills, you will gain experience in nature education and perhaps become well acquainted with wild herbs and other plants. You will experience yourself as a valuable team member and as an important and valued companion for the children. If your goal is to choose a career in education, you will have a wealth of experience to draw from. Even if you decide to go into a trade or study, you will have acquired important skills, such as planning and acting on your own responsibility, manual experience or the experience of self-responsibility and sustainability/environmental awareness.

Pictures and impressions of our concept, the rooms and the surroundings can be found on our website:


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Kindergarten Wilde 9
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