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Kunst und Natur e.V.

Steinfurth is a small village near the Hanseatic city of Greifswald, first mentioned in a document in 1405. In the village there is a destroyed church and reminds of the medieval times. The very active community is currently trying to restore part of this monument and use it for cultural events such as concerts or exhibitions. The old cultural house of Steinfurth was built in 1955 and served as a meeting place for a long time. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and due to its short-term use as a refugee home, this function was lost. In 2011, the artist couple Elisa and Mathias Bartoszewski bought the building and now use it with the Kunst und Natur e.V. for various art and cultural events.

The association wants to refresh life in the rural area through networking and cultural offerings and encourage a different lifestyle. We work together with artists, musicians and gardeners. We organize workshops, cultural events such as puppet shows, painting and music lessons, workshops, nature and garden tours, creative activities for children, youth and adults, exhibitions and readings.

In 2024 we are planning residencies for artists and can use your help to implement this idea!

The Kulturhaus Steinfurth supports contemporary creation by hosting artists or artist teams in residence. Theatre, dance, music, or puppet theatres that take the audience beyond their comfort zone.

The duration of the residency is variable in order to meet the needs of each artist and to adapt to the nature of the project and its stage of completion. Artistic teams come to Steinfurth for a few days or several weeks to research, experiment, finalize the staging, develop the lighting design of a show, test technical equipment, get advice, rehearse in inspiring conditions and share steps of their process with the public - be it through meetings, workshops or performances.

Kulturhaus focuses on hybrid creations and unusual experiments without favouring any particular discipline. In order to support the new generation of artists, Kulturhaus Steinfurth works with artists who take risks and whose aesthetic processes depart from established standards.

The pursuit of innovation is closely linked to the requirement that the creations must be accessible to a wide audience. 

The residencies are sometimes extended to other locations in the region, e.g. the church ruins or chapel in Steinfurth, the church in Ranzin. 

The Kulturhaus Steinfurth is committed to a sensitive and networked approach to art that is linked to artistic and cultural education and social cohesion as well as to the values of hospitality, equality and diversity. Residencies at Kulturhaus Steinfurth are not limited to professional artists.


We are looking for volunteers to help us look after the artists, accompany their stay in organizational and practical matters, and support work and rehearsal processes.

We expect an interest in artistic processes and empathy for the artists' working methods. 


For the year 2024, the residencies will run from 1 April to 31 October 2024. The focus is on a songwriting camp and dance companies in residence.

Profile of the volunteers we would like to host:

  • open-minded, creative and sunny spirit
  • desire for artistic activities in rural areas 
  • desire to get involved, own ideas and the ambition to implement them with our help
  • Interest in art history and the will to acquire new knowledge
  • Ideally, one or the other is musical and plays an instrument

Your advantage as a volunteer at Kunst und Natur e.V.

  • the opportunity to learn how to develop projects like plays, concerts or art exhibitions
  • learn more about education for sustainable development and permaculture projects
  • get to know a diverse, creative and active village community
  • learn about public relations and networking

Accommodation & Connection

Our international volunteers have the opportunity to live in a flat at the Culture House. The flat has its own small kitchen, a small bathroom, and a tuned piano. In addition, the large studio is available for project work. Karlsburg train station is 2 km away from the Kulturhaus, Swinoujscie (PL) and Berlin can be reached in a few hours by regional train. To Greifswald it takes about 20 minutes. In addition, a bicycle is available for excursions.


To apply, please send us a motivational statement (in English or German, please check here what to include) as e-mail text or PDF to application[at]turbina-pomerania[dot]org. You can include a CV, but it is not mandatory - we care much more about your motivation. You can include examples of your artistic work, if you have any. It is not necessary.

More information

Elisa und Mathias Bartoszewski

Kulturhaus Steinfurth
Steinfurth 15

17495 Karlsburg