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Movie evening "Der laute Frühling" (the noisy spring) on 12th September 2022 at Straze

We are showing the film "The Noisy Spring" as part of the STRAZE Kino. A film about the necessary fundamental transformations towards a sustainable world. Beginning: 8pm, entrance fee 3/5/7 €, Original with English subtitles

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Since the beginning of the UN climate conferences in 1992, annual CO2 emissions have not decreased, but increased by 60%. Why? What could a society look like that would be able to curb climate change? While there is a growing recognition in the climate movement that capitalism and climate change mitigation are incompatible, there is no vision of how we can bring about systemic change. "The Noisy Spring" outlines what the profound change we need might look like.

In a situation where public awareness of the drastic consequences of climate change is growing rapidly, the film draws attention to the elephant in the room: where does the political power to actually change things come from?

In "The Noisy Spring", director and producer Johanna Schellhagen asks what needs to be done to curb barbarism, chaos and mass hunger in the unfolding climate catastrophe. The film was realized by The Berlin-based women's collective produces and collects films about strikes and working conditions worldwide and makes them available on This creates an audiovisual archive of current and historical labor struggles that makes these important experiences of solidarity and organizational power discoverable.

On the visual level, "The Noisy Spring" works with an exciting style mix of documentary footage and animation. The latter are penned by the successful "graphic novel" artist Lee Lai.

Beginning: 8pm
Entrance fee 3/5/7 € (own choice)
Original (mostly German) with English subtitles

Our work is financially possible thanks to: