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Movie evening "Projekt A" on 4th April at Straze

Some volunteers have chosen to show the movie "Projekt A" together at STRAZE cinema. A movie about anarchy and utopias for a better world. Beginning: 8pm, entrance fee 3/5/7 €, Original with English subtitles

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The film "Projekt A" dives into the multi-layered world of the anarchists and breaks the common clichés about stone-throwers and chaotic people. It opens up a view of a movement that demands the impossible, shakes the foundations of our society and for this very reason draws attention to central unresolved questions of our time.
What are the ideas behind anarchism? What do anarchists do? What projects and actions do they launch? And how do they try to get closer to their utopia?

The filmmakers accompany people in the anarchist-influenced Exarchia neighbourhood in Athens, at anti-nuclear power actions in Germany, at the world's largest anarcho-syndicalist trade union in Spain, at a Catalan cooperative and at a cooperatively organised solidarity agriculture in Munich. The activists are fighting for a world in which no one should rule over other people.

Beginning: 8pm
Entrance fee 3/5/7 € (own choice)
Original with English subtitles

Projekt A - Trailer (english) from Projekt A Kollektiv on Vimeo.

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