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Visit of RADA (Belarus) and GoFor (Turkey) in Greifswald

Delegates of the youth organizations RADA from Belarus and GoFor from Turkey visited Greifswald. They were invited by the Landesjugendring Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Turbina was also there.

Yesterday we had visitors from Belarus and Turkey! Representatives of the national civil society youth organisations RADA (Belarus) and GoFor (Turkey) came to Greifswald. Representatives of the German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) were also present during the visit. On the initiative of the DBJR, the two delegations are currently spending a week in Germany. It should be noted in advance that RADA can actually only work in exile, in view of Lukashenka's repression.

Above all, of great interest to the guests is how youth political lobbying can be successful. Patrick and Tino from the LJR board, as well as Sarina from Turbina Pomerania therefore gave corresponding insights. The structures of youth work, youth associations and youth rings in Germany were also of interest. Since the youth center Klex combines these structures well, it was ideal as a first meeting place. The tour continued at STRAZE. After a delicious refreshment in the café there, the focus was on the work of Turbina Pomerania. They organize international volunteer services between the Euroregion Pomerania and the rest of the world. Experiences with difficulties in applying for visas were shared by several people present. By the way, only two of the planned six RADA representatives had received a visa for the trip.  

Afterwards, Reinhold, LJR consultant for international affairs, spoke about the international activities of the LJR M-V.

After all these inputs, it became a bit more relaxed and informal. First of all, we were introduced to the printing project [druckkammer] at STRAZE. There, after a very good introduction, various peace signs could be printed. Afterwards, Finder and Sarina told us a few things about STRAZE. This once again generated great interest among those present.

The end of the day took place in the wonderful garden of the STRAZE. Over coffee and cake and in a beautiful sunny atmosphere, there was further conversation and exchange.

In the final round, many participants praised the impressive and inspiring day. The exchange had brought new perspectives and even hope. The visit to the youth and cultural centres was also a reminder of how important and fulfilling grassroots work is.

The continuing interest for exchange and cooperation was also emphasized. Accordingly, many contact details have already been exchanged.

Overall, it was a very nice day that brought motivation and opportunities for new activities :-)


Text: Reinhold Uhlmann, LJR M-V

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