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20. May. 2022

Visit of RADA (Belarus) and GoFor (Turkey) in Greifswald

Delegates of the youth organizations RADA from Belarus and GoFor from Turkey visited Greifswald. They were invited by the Landesjugendring Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Turbina was also there.

05. Apr. 2022

Midterm in the Volunteering Year

Time flies! Half a year of voluntary service is already over. At the midterm point, we spent three seminar days in the beautiful Glashagen manor house. Here you can read a short report...

10. Mar. 2022

Volunteers contribute to the international women's day 2022

Juri is doing a BFD with the education project QUBE and was present with a speech at the feminist demonstration on 8 March in Greifswald. International volunteer Burcu produced contributions for the radio. Listen and read more...

09. Mar. 2022

Movie evening "Projekt A" on 4th April at Straze

Some volunteers have chosen to show the movie "Projekt A" together at STRAZE cinema. A movie about anarchy and utopias for a better world. Beginning: 8pm, entrance fee 3/5/7 €, Original with English subtitles

04. Mar. 2022

War in Ukraine

It is omnipresent, we do not want to lose many words about how terrible the situation in Ukraine is. We are glad and grateful that a very active group from our house, like so many other committed people everywhere, has taken up to help. Many of our volunteers are also getting involved. Some…

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