VeRa is a radio run by the organization Verquer. You can listen to us on Thursdays at 9 am on all the even calendar weeks (Greifswald and nearby- 98,1 MHz, Neubrandenburg, and nearby- 88,0 MHz). On the thirst and the third Wednesday of the month, you can listen to VeRa in Rostock and nearby (90,2 MHz). If you have any ideas for topics, music or you want to visit the radio, send us an email- info [at] bildung-verquer [dot] de
Volunteers are also involved in the radio. The last show’s topic was „shrinking spaces” – restricting activists by implementing new laws and using oppression. Rina, our volunteer at Kabutze explained the situation in Ukraine. Natalia, our volunteer at Turbina Pomerania explained the situation in Poland.

You can listen to the radio podcasts on