The crisis that the COVID-19 virus triggered in many countries around the world affects us and you as a participant in the federal and european voluntary service. Many Hosting Organisations are closed, events such as our planned international partner workshop and our final conference have been canceled until further notice.Some of you have traveled to their home countries, others have voluntarily entered home quarantine and still others are looking for new tasks that arise in this extraordinary time.

Your health and the health of others has top priority, so stay at home if possible and contact us by email (evs [at] straze [dot] de) or by phone (landline: 03834/7737882 or mobile +49 (0) 157 309) if you have any questions or suggestions. We have also set up the Messenger Telegram for our mobile number, which you are welcome to use.We have summarized and linked the most important questions and information below:

Information about the education days

Due to the current spread of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19) and the associated ban on events, no BFD and EVS seminars will take place from March 16, 2020 to April 30, 2020. The fact that volunteers do not take part in the educational offers does not release them from the voluntary service.

Otherwise, the following applies immediately:

According to the current status, volunteers are generally not released from voluntary service. However, volunteers are exempt from voluntary service if:

– the site has been closed and there is no alternative (e.g. branch of the site that is not affected).
– the site is located in a region blocked for infection control.
– have to look after their own children at home because their daycare center / school has been closed.
– Volunteers are quarantined themselves.

Instructions for Hosting Organisations

In specific individual cases, those responsible in the Hosting Organisations must make an assessment of the danger situation, for example in coordination with the local health authority, and must weigh up the concrete risk potential for the volunteers and the maintenance of official duties in the deployment locations. Alternative and harmless uses (e.g. home office) must also be checked. The duty of care must be observed in a special way towards volunteers U18 (youth protection law), but also towards older people, because of their particular risk.

Links for further orientation:

the information pages of the Robert Koch Institute: information RKI

State Office for Health and Social Welfare Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: LAGuS MV

Information from the German National Agency for Youth for Europe: Corona-Virus and EVS

Information about the federal voluntary service: Corona-Virus and BFD

Finally, one more request from us: be careful, but above all stay and be in solidarity with eachother. The precautionary measures should only separate us from each other spatially and that is just that: a precautionary measure – not a stepping stone to selfishness or isolation.