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We are the GrIStuF e.V., a non-profit and non-governmental association in Greifswald, Germany, looking for your superpowers.
We are a group of volunteers and aim to enrich the thematic and cultural life in our beautiful city. We invite you to join us for one year with the European Voluntary Service. You would begin your stay in Germany in September.


Every two years we organize the „Greifswald International Students Festival“ which gives our association its funny name.
The festival’s aim is to connect 150 students from all over the world in dialogue beyond nationalities, race or religion. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas and enables discussion on current topics. 

This year, we hosted the 9th Greifswald International Students Festival under the title „Beyond Borders – Where are Your Limits?“. We will continue our work and prepare the next festival – GrIStuF 2020 – and you can be a part of this.

Of course, that is not all we do!

What we offer

Next to our big project „GrIStuF“, we organize other events such as the „Fête de la Musique“ each year in June, and our famous „Running Dinner“. We also host „living room concerts“ and have our own radio show.

As our EVS volunteer you will get insights into the planning and organization of events, as well as their funding process and public relations. You will be part of the decision process about the theme and outline of GrIStuF 2020 – where you are of course more than welcome to participate!

 You can develop your own ideas for thematically workshops, movie screenings or podium discussions. Or you support our PR team and contribute to our Social Media pages, write press releases or take photos during the events. You can also join the group developing our specific financing plan and be responsible for acquiring sufficient funding, maintaining contact with sponsors and supporters. Last, but not least, you can – and should – get creative and organize parties and concerts, or create the decoration for our venues. At GrIStuF you will also work closely together with the city’s various cultural and social institutions.

Don’t worry!

All this might seem confusing at first. However, we have two basic agreements, which should vanish all your concerns and doubts about becoming a GrIStuF member into thin air:
First, you will be introduced to our work in detail and with a lot of patience. We are very happy to share our experience and knowledge with you and look forward to learn from you, too.
Second, every member can decide on his/her own, which kind of activities she/ he would like to do.

What we expect

As you could see, organizing our diverse event requires all kinds of skills and there are various tasks you can choose from. Of course, you don’t have to be interested in all of them. We will offer you a range of possible tasks of which you will chose the most interesting to you. Further, we also encourage and expect you to come up with your own ideas during your EVS stay.

Nevertheless you should bring the following skills to ensure we will work together well:
– Good English skills (written and spoken), German skills would be great
– Open-mindedness
– Willingness to work in a group
– Confidence within discussions
– Ability to speak in front of larger groups

We are looking forward to reading your application and getting to know you soon! Please note that you necessarily have to begin your EVS stay with us in September 2019. A later beginning is not possible.

For more information about us and our work have a look at our
website and our 
 facebook page

Gruppenfoto des GrIStuF e.V.

This is the current good-looking GrIStuF team 🙂


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