Gutshaus Ramin

The aim of „Gutshaus Ramin e.V.“ is the promotion of culture and arts, as well as monument protection and preservation. We explore and preserve the varied history of our house – the manor of Ramin – as well as the history of the village of Ramin and its inhabitants.

At the same time we revive the house by initiating cultural activities in the Gutshaus itself, in Ramin and in the Uecker-Randow district – turning the manor house into a cultural and social hub in the border region and thereby promoting German-Polish integration.

We have experience working together with people from different regions of Europe, especially in the organisation of German-Polish intercultural and integrative events. Together with our partners from Poland and Germany, we organize many German-Polish events to promote intercultural contact and understanding between the inhabitants of the Pomerania region.

Most of the work in the organisation and the house is done by Jolanta Grenke and Edward Orlowski who live in the house, too. They are supported by friends and volunteers from the region, both German and Polish. Jolanta is the main contact person for volunteers and the organisation’s events. She has many years of experience organising cultural events and taking care of the house and the people who live in it.

As a volunteer at „Gutshaus Ramin e.V.“ you could e.g.

– learn about the organisation of (intercultural) events
– help and support during events that are already planned
– organize your own cultural, social or environmental events for people of all ages
– learn about gardening and use of herbs
– and much more!

During your voluntary service you will live for free at the manor house together with Jolanta and Edward as well as their pets: dog „Besi“ and a cat. You have your own room, kitchen and bathroom and can use the joint living spaces – including the huge, beautiful garden. You will receive pocket money for food and personal expenses. You will have a bicycle and can cycle to the next bigger city Löcknitz in Germany (7km). From Grambow (2km from Ramin) you can easily take a train to Szczecin in Poland, too.

For more information about the house (available in German/Polish) you can check their website:






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