Kunst und Natur e.V.

„Kunst und Natur e.V.“ in Steinfurth aims to refresh life in rural areas through networking and cultural offerings and to stimulate a different lifestyle. The association works with artists, musicians, gardeners and a nature educator. They organize workshops, cultural events, such as: For example, puppet shows, painting classes, music lessons, workshops on nature and garden tours, education and games for children and adolescents and creative work for adults, exhibitions and readings and nature education events in the sense of Education for Sustainable Development.


About Steinfurth:

Steinfurth is a small village near the university and hanseatic City of Greifswald in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It was a manor, which was first mentioned in 1405 in a document.
In the village is a ruined church as a monument of the Middle Ages. The very active village community will try to restore part of the monument and use it for cultural events such as concerts or exhibitions. The old cultural house of Steinfurth was built in 1955 by the farmers of the local LPG (Agricultural Production Cooperative) and served as a meeting place. Only with the fall of the wall and by the short-term use as refugee home this function was lost. In 2011, the artist couple Elisa and Mathias Bartoszewski bought the building and now the Natur und Kultur e.V. is using the house for different art and cultural events.



profile of the volunteers we would like to host:

  • –  open-minded, creative and sunny mind
  • –  Desire for artistic activities in rural areas
  • –  wants to get involved, has its own ideas and has the ambition to implement them with our help
  • –  interest in art history and the will to acquire new knowledge
  • –  Ideally, the one or the other is musical and plays an instrument

Your benefit:

  • –  opportunity to learn how to develope projects, such as plays, concerts or art exhibitions
  • –  Learn more about education for sustainable development and permaculture projects
  • –  get to know a diverse, creative and active village community
  • –  learn more about public relations and networking
  • –  get to know other volunteers from all over europe during the seminars



You will have the opportunity to live in an apartment of the cutural house. The apartment has its own pantry, a small bathroom and a tuned piano. In addition, the site and the large studio are available for project work. It is also possible to use a car for other routes. The railway station Karlsburg is 2 km from the Culture House, with the regional train Świnoujście and Berlin can be reached in a few hours, the university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald can be reached within 20 minutes, in addition, a bicycle is available for excursions.

Pocket money

You will get pocket money from the coordinating organisation, that is for your personal needs. You will not need to buy food from your pocket money, you will get some extra lump sum for that.

Contact information

Telefon: +49 38355 686 02
Mail: mathias(@)bartoszewski.de


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