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Verquer. is a non-formal education project in Greifswald. We offer single or multiple day projects for schools, youth centers or other groups on topics about global justice such as fair trade, clothing, coffee, cacao, water or migration. Furthermore we have regular afternoon activities (e.g. DIY & upcycling) for children in a local youth center and organize a summer camp for kids.

It is our aim to bring the topics we care about closer to children, young adults as well as their teachers and parents. Our methods and approaches are easily accesible and playful so that they are not overhwelming, but educational and thought-provocing.

Together with the kids we look for everyday solutions and inspire them to reflect about the global consequences of local actions. We also train local volunteers in our methods to become multiplicators of our ideas and lead the project days.

Another project is „VeRa“ the biweekly verquer radioshow.


As a volunteer at Verquer. you can

– participate at our multiplicator’s training and learn more about our topics, methods, and how to lead a project day

– accompany, support and lead project days with children

– implement your own ideas for afternoon activities, games and projects

– join the VeRa radio team and learn more about our favorite medium

– support the office team

– get insights into the accounting and funding of non-formal education

– support the verquer pr team

– or whatever else you come up with! We are more then happy to hear your creative ideas and support you with your own projects


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