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The kindergarten „Wilde 9“ (wild 9) is a small and non-standard kindergarten in Guest near Greifswald. Up to 40 children of mixed age (2 1/2 – 6 years) play, learn and eat in one group. The house is set in beautiful surrounding in Guest, a small village approx. 7 km away from Greifswald. The children are free to choose what they do in the house and the big garden, including sports, music, wood work, painting, gardening, taking care of animals (guinea pigs and rabbits), play and read. Daily trips to the forrest or nature are essential to the children’s routine.

The team at Wilde 9 consists of six youth workers and up to two volunteers – including you!? 🙂
As a team, everyone works together on an equal footing. Everyone contributes to the kindergarten life with their competences and professions. Everyone has their own pace and their own questions, which arise in the course of the joint work. You as a volunteer are an equal part of the team. You will be accompanied by a mentor throughout the year. At the beginning, you will dive into all areas of the kindergarten, get to know the children and pedagogues and get involved in the conception of the kindergarten. You will find out how and where you would like to get involved, what skills you want to develop, and what you enjoy most. At your own pace, you can later take responsibility for your own tasks.


What should you bring with you?
You should like to be outdoors and not be afraid of wind and rain. You should like to engage with people and enjoy being with children. You should like to work with your hands and get involved in the natural elements such as sand, mud, fire and water, animals and plants.

What do you gain from the time with us?
You will deal with your own biography, develop craft and artistic skills, gain experience in nature education, and be well versed in wild herbs and other plants. You will experience yourself as a valuable team member and as an important and valued companion for the children. If your goal is to choose a pedagogical profession, you will be able to draw on a wealth of experience. Even if you opt for a crafting career or study, you have acquired important skills such as self-directed planning and action, craft experience or the experience of self-responsibility and sustainability / environmental awareness.


For more information (in German) visit kindergartenwilde9.de

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