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03. Aug. 2023

A logo for Turbina Pomerania

After almost 10 years of "Turbina Pomerania" we have developed our logo in an exciting process and have chosen new colors and our own font. Read here what is behind "community design" and how the name "Turbina Pomerania" came into being ...

15. May. 2023

Movie evening "Robin Bank" on 15th May at Straze

Some volunteers have chosen to show the movie "Robin Bank" together at STRAZE cinema. A documentary about Enric Duran who fooled the financial world in 2008. Beginning: 8pm, entrance fee 3/5/7 €, original Spanish / German with German subtitles

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03. Apr. 2023

Apply Now! Open Positions in September 2023

High school graduation on the horizon? The end of your education is approaching? Or you just want to do something completely different for a year and get to know new perspectives? A volunteer year is always a good idea. Apply now for our vacancies from summer 2023...

28. Oct. 2022

Shaping change together - the kick-off seminar of the new volunteer group

What does voluntary service have to do with the economy? What approaches to a sustainable economy already exist, and what is actually a "good life for all"?

Great questions that we took with us to our first seminar of the volunteer year 2022/23.

05. Sep. 2022

Movie evening "Der laute Frühling" (the noisy spring) on 12th September 2022 at Straze

We are showing the film "The Noisy Spring" as part of the STRAZE Kino. A film about the necessary fundamental transformations towards a sustainable world. Beginning: 8pm, entrance fee 3/5/7 €, Original with English subtitles

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