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The Turbina Pomerania seminars are something special: We are together in an international group 4 times a year. In addition, there are individual seminar days when we visit each other in the different hosting organisations. We learn together and from each other, independently and self-determined - every year there is a theme around which you can determine the content.

Moreover, both the BFD programme and European Solidarity Corps have additional seminar days outside the ones organized by the Turbina Pomerania team.

In this picture series, you can have a look at what was and is possible :-)

Seminars & Dates 2023/2024

  • Welcome day on Tuesday, 12 September in Greifswald
  • Kick-off seminar: 25.09. - 29.09.23 at Ramin Manor House
  • Individual seminar day I: 20.11.23, place we decide together

  • Seminar in Barth (all in BFD under 27 years, NOT ESC): 27.11. - 01.12.23 (will not be hosted by Turbina)

  • Single seminar day II : 05.12.23

  • Seminar I film workshop: 30.1. - 1.2.24 , location to be decided

  • Seminar II film workshop: 19. - 22.03.24 , place to be decided

  • Individual seminar day III: 7.5.24, place to be decided together

  • Individual seminar day IV: 12.6. 24, place to be decided together

  • Final seminar: 02.07. - 05.07.24 in the manor house Glashagen

For all ESC volunteers there are two additional seminars (organized by the German National Agency):

  • on arrival training: 23.-29.10.2023 in Hamburg
  • midterm evaluation: 05.-09.02.2024 in Hamburg or 17.-21.02.2024 in Bremen


Fine print:

The seminars are compulsory. It is not possible to take vacation during the seminar times. In case of illness we need a doctor's certificate of incapacity. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

Seminar languages are German and English. If necessary, we can organize language mediation for other languages. Let us know what you need :-)

We try to create a non-discriminatory environment. We try to use gender-appropriate language and arrange the sanitary rooms according to your needs. Speak to us about this.

We encourage you to participate in seminar planning. This can be on a very small scale, you can organize whole workshops, or you can participate by moderating an energizer or planning a meal... Try it out, we'll support you!


On 3 seminars, we will partly cater ourselves. Breakfast and dinner as well as washing up etc. will be done by the group. At lunchtime we will be catered for. The meals are basically vegetarian, please inform us about vegan food, intolerances or allergies. We strive for ecological, seasonal and regional food.


We attach importance to an ecological arrival. Usually we organize a common journey by train or bicycle. Please refrain from using your car as far as possible.

We want to encourage and enable you to become active yourself. In our 2nd module project management you will get the necessary tools and the space to develop project ideas with the other volunteers and to plan the implementation. It has been agreed with your assignment location that you can do the project planning and implementation during your working hours. You will be given time off for this, ideally up to 20% of your working time. We will support you if necessary and are happy to present your project in our public relations.